Day 05

Weds 9 Sept: Lynmouth to Weston-Super-Mare, via Minehead and Burnham on Sea

After a great night’s sleep and a huge breakfast, which included Bonnicott Rarebit, what better way to start the day, other than a steep climb out of Lynmouth, up the infamous Countisbury Hill (25% incline for the first quarter mile then a mere 12% for the next mile). Stunning views from the top, where Exmoor meets the coast.


The next major challenge was more a test of nerve, grip and burning rubber on the descent of Porlock Hill, following the old toll route. I survived, but with completely cramped, white, rigor-mortis hands. At the bottom of the hill, it took two large mugs of hot tea, a large wedge of coffee & walnut cake plus ten minutes of shaking hands & swinging arms to convince my fingers that I had not died.

Poor locked Porlock hands
Poor locked Porlock Hands


Thanks to the RNLI Shop volunteers for the use of your phone at Minehead ILB (no-mobile signal zone).


After nearly 5 days of Cornish, Devon & Somerset (including Exmoor) lumpy coast roads, I’d forgotten the pleasure of pedalling on the flat! The stretch from Bridgewater to Burnham on Sea ILB (thanks Mike for the tea & biscuits & photo shoot!) was a ‘breeze’.

Burnham on Sea

Onwards to Weston-Super-Mare ILB, the last 15 miles of the day made even easier in the great company of long term friend & serious road-cycling buddy Keith.

Keith WsM

WsM Dismaland

As the sun set over Weston sands & the Bristol channel, we passed Banksey’s Dismaland queues and found the WsM crew still on-site (training night) at their temporary Boathouse. Thanks Charlotte (LoM), Chris Cox & the rest of the crew for the very cheery welcome! Good luck with the new station plans.

Weston s M

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