Largs to Gourock

Day 28  Sat 26th March: After a very stormy night in the wildly rocking Campervan, there was at least some consolation in the knowledge that a Full Scottish cooked breakfast was being prepared by Mary in the adjacent farmhouse kitchen. Well, that’s how I imagine Neil&Kate felt. I’d been upgraded from solo storm tent to cosy en-suite b&b in the solid stone farmhouse. I reckon I felt even that move in at least one of the gusts last night. But I did sleep well, as I usually do after cycling anything over 50 miles before bedtime. After waiting some time in the still rocking van alongside the Largs promenade palm trees for conditions to improve (they didn’t) I donned full mamil-wear plus seal skin socks,  neoprene over-shoes, reflective winter jacket and flashing led lamps. Then set off on the day’s revised, shortened stage.  With reduced luggage and a fair wind on my back I reached Gourock very quickly, averaging 17mph around the edge of the Firth of Clyde. A short but rather wet day.

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