Tarbert to Lamlash(Arran)

Day 30  Mon 28 March: Another great day in Scotland. Arran. A stunning island with a few mega mountains, some still with a tad of snow atop. I seem to have settled in Tarbert with my fine support crew. It’s a great place to set up camp as a base for the three nearest LB Stations, on Arran (Lamlash), Campbeltown and Islay.

A ten mile ride to today’s small ferry from Claonaig to Lochranza then the big climb over the island (where, at the top of the hill two new fellow cyclists Nathan & Morag, made a very generous RNLI donation) to the east side and down to Lamlash ILBStn. Lunch with 4 McAllisters, including neph Nathan & Emiko – who just so happened to be on the island on holiday! A big thank you to Bill Barr (LOM) and Amanda (LPO) for the warm, dry welcome and for making all those mugs of tea for the grand McAllister invasion,  just as the heavens opened once more. Back to base at Tarbert, where the sun set gloriously on this double Nathan day.

One thought on “Tarbert to Lamlash(Arran)

  1. neilmca March 30, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Tarbert is indeed a lovely place. Delightful vistas from accommodation addresses; two good restaurants and a good café; splendid and beautifully maintained ketches and other boats in the harbor . . . and a magnificent (if a tad ruined) castle once owned by some McAllisters!


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