Glenborrodale to Mallaig

Day 35  Sunday 3 April:  It took a while to realise what was so strange about yesterday’s last hour and today’s first hour of cycling.  I was riding with the sea on my right, as if I’ve suddenly turned around and started going anti clockwise! But all is well. From Kilchoan Ferry Port at the western end of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, there is no continuous north or west bound route. Hence the east bound start today before heading north once more,  through some very quiet glens and over many more mini mountains. Can rain be soft AND heavy? That’s just how it felt this morning. Lost count of dramatic waterfalls tumbling down the mountainsides into lochs and rivers. Enough of this endless, effusive reporting on the increasingly dramatic geography. I’m running out of superlatives. So, as we head into the the real Highlands of NW Scotland, here are some boring statistics from the first 13 Scottish cycling days (figures recorded by Garmin gps):

Scottish miles cycled:  632      Hours in the saddle:  49hrs 29mins 

Ascent (metres climbed): 9,506m       Kcals burned: 31,968

If my sums are correct, that means I’ve climbed Ben Nevis (1,344m) seven times in the last twelve days. But I’ve only seen it once.

Apologies for the lack of new photos on this site.  I’ll try to sort it when I have a day off some time soon.  Meanwhile, brother Neil has taken loads of photos and put some on his Facebook page. He will also be giving me a link to his photo sharing account (Flickr?) which I shall be posting on this site soon .

Many thanks to Moe (LOM) and Michael Iain (Cox’n) here at Mallaig. Two great characters who clearly enjoy spinning a yarn, pulling a leg and modestly relating tales of memorable rescues in the treacherous local seas, as much as I enjoy hearing them.

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