Balranald (North Uist) to Barra

Day 40: Thurs 7 April   Heading south today.  Wind direction : Northerly! On my side once more.  What I mean to say is, on my back. That very welcome helping hand.
The thrill of cycling down through this new (to me) territory is enhanced by the rapid progress over the mostly flat terrain. About 45% Peaty, boggy land, 45% water and 10% rocky outcrops. On the Western edge, mile after mile of dunes, white sand and blue-green-white rolling surf. The only pain felt today was that which was communicated via the agonised expressions on the faces of a few fellow cyclists going the other way, into the strong, biting Northerly.
From our well appointed Balranald campsite in North Uist (many thanks to our host Ann for the immaculately maintained facilities on site), onto and off Benbecula via causeways with “Otters Crossing” warning signs, down through South Uist, and another long causeway onto the higher, rocky ground of Eriskey, the destination for today’s ferry crossing to Barra.
Way too far for another man made causeway. Almost 50 miles today over a good number of the north-south chain of Outer Hebridean islands.
Progress was so fast that we almost made it in time for the ferry before the one that was planned. But not quite, so a long wait on the small, quiet, beautifully proportioned Eriskay. Plenty of time to ponder over what it was that was missing on these islands. No trees! But none the less beautiful for their absence.
Another day without a Lifeboat visit but getting very near. Our stopping place for tonight is, according to my very wise, experienced camper brother, “possibly the most beautiful camp site setting in the World.”
I didn’t argue because,
a) he’s cooking a huge chicken korma and I’m very hungry
b) he’s bigger than me
c) this is possibly the most beautiful campsite setting in the World.
For those interested, it’s Borve Campsite, just 3 miles from Castlebay on the West side of Barra. Right on the edge. Atlantic rollers providing the perfect white noise background to muffle the stereophonic snoring of brothers. I only heard mono snoring. Don’t listen to what Phil says.
Many thanks to the Borve site owner, Donald, for giving us a free night on site with full use of all facilities.

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