Scourie to Durness

Day 46  Weds 13 April:   Just two or three more days left with my support team (aka brother Phil). He’s abandoning me when we reach Thurso. Don’t worry about me Phil. The forecast for snow is probably an exaggeration anyway. I’ll have my solo storm tent and half a packet of fig rolls so I’ll be all right. You just go on home in your warm camper van.

Today we reached the north coast of Scotland! Nothing ahead of us except the cold, rolling North Atlantic. Behind us, all those mighty mountains and glens. Getting here today was not easy. The last 24 miles were frankly, not fun. The long haul from Rhiconich was not as steep as some recent ascents but the northeasterly wind increased with every northbound metre climbed. Worse than that, there was no let up at all along the ‘flat’ ridgeway, where a modest speed of 10mph could not be maintained without a great deal of hard work. Finally my most crushing moment was the realisation that, having started to descend towards the Kyle of Durness, the relief of free-wheeling was not happening. Having to push on the pedals to go downhill is just wrong.
And I thought yesterday was tough.
With the prospect of another good campsite for Phil,  this time with what looks like a view of one of his favourite Cornish beaches and a comfy bed of wild orchids for me,  I was easily persuaded to make Durness our base for tonight.
Short day,  short report.  I’ll try harder tomorrow.

One thought on “Scourie to Durness

  1. Wendy Bush April 14, 2016 / 5:25 pm

    Keep it up Steve I am really enjoying your daily reports,I am so proud of you xx


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