Dunbar to Bamburgh, via Eyemouth and Berwick upon Tweed

Day 66  Sunday 15 May:  Today’s first port of call is my last visit to a Scottish Lifeboat Station. The route to Eyemouth could have been a fast but boring dash down the A1. Alternatively, I could follow National Cycle Route 1 along the coast. No contest. I took NCR1. Good choice, mostly. Apart from an unnecessary there & back again 3 mile detour  to a splendid lighthouse.

Thanks Andrew (cox’n), Adam(2nd Cox’n) and Martin(2nd mech) at Eyemouth ALB Station for turning out on a Sunday. Great to meet you and hear some of the recent news. Another well established LBStn with 140 years distinguished service. Great to hear about the station choir. Can’t wait to hear the CD! Alas, a CD player was not an optional extra when drawing up Fondo’s spec.

And so, a few miles down the A1, an unceremonial goodbye to Scotland. More on this later. And more on the first English town and Lifeboat Station at Berwick upon Tweed to follow.

From Berwick upon Tweed, the NCR1 route was rejoined. But the loose gravel, compacted dry but bumpy mud & grass coast path was slowing progress to not much above walking pace. Was I still on the designated National Cycle Route? According to the regular blue signs with a white bicycle and red number 1, yes. According to Garmin, probably. (“riding on unsurfaced track”). According to Fondo’s skinny tyres and heavy cargo, no. Very scenic, just about rideable but progress was barely measurable. So, back to the nearest coast road. The A1. But not for too long. The familiar minor roads were a delight on approach to Bamburgh, where I rest my weary limbs and brain tonight, with a fine view of the huge Castle.

2 thoughts on “Dunbar to Bamburgh, via Eyemouth and Berwick upon Tweed

  1. Wendy Bush May 16, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    Still going strong I’m so proud xxx


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