Bridlington to Humber, via Withernsea

Day 71 Friday 20 May: All batteries recharged and tank replenished. Even Fondo enjoyed the deluxe accommodation, not always offered to bicycles! Thanks Karen for the Full Yorkshire hospitality.  There’s still something very satisfying about being presented with a full cooked breakfast when you can see straight away that it’s a right good’un.

With my head turned to the left as I studied the part original, part spoiled Art Deco building, I cycled straight past Bridlington Allweather Lifeboat Station across the road to my right. What I thought was the Boathouse ahead, on the promenade next to a slipway, flying the RNLI flag, was not. It was the Lifeguard Station,  also part of the same Institution, staffed by volunteers. Another interesting point to revisit later.  Meanwhile, back to the ALB Station on the wrong side of the road. Not uncommon on an open sea front but certainly not routine when it comes to over 14 tons of Mersey Lifeboat plus launch carriage and very big, slow, heavy tractor. Memories of Llandudno way back on Day 17. Thanks to Chris (FT Mech) who, having seen me pedal straight past, had set off in pursuit. Thanks also to your silent, motionless, fully kitted-out Lifeboat girl for joining us for the mandatory photograph. I can see that she’s a real asset to the station on fine days with the doors open and good company for a lone mechanic on those quieter winter days. The eventual insertion of the appropriate photograph at this point is a must.

Along the flatter coastal approach to Withernsea Inshore Lifeboat Station. At this point, the usual casual first-name introduction won’t do. One young crew member is deserving of a full introduction. Thank you Gregory Garcia-Jones. You must meet my grandson, Alejandro McAllister-Pavia one day. You share the same great smile. Thanks also to John (DLA) for turning out on your day off. Good luck with the essential recruiting of a few more crew like Greg.

And so to the big one.  Humber Lifeboat at Spurn Point.

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