Baltimore to Mizen Head

Day 109, Mon 17 April

No Lifeboats to visit today. Just a 50 mile scenic detour via a significant land mark. Mizen Head, the most southerly point of the Irish mainland. The often used description as the most south-westerly point is a curious one. It is not the most westerly.  Land’s End in Cornwall and John O’Groats in Scotland are on none of the south, west, north or east Cardinal points of GB, but at least the Mizen IS a true Irish Cardinal. My next one will be the most westerly at Dunmore Head. Not quite as well known but an equally important one to tick off a few days up the road.

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Meanwhile, back to Lifeboat Station visits tomorrow. The planned routes for the first few days along the southern Irish Coast was based on how many I could manage to visit each day.  As found in parts of Scotland last year, as I begin to turn north, the distances between RNLI Stations has now increased to the point where I have to count how many days between each Lifeboat Station.

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