Back on the road

Spring is in the air! Just one more week before I return to Carlisle, where I will pick up the Coastal Cycle Ride at the precise point I stopped cycling before the winter, i.e. Carlisle Railway Station. All being well, I should be crossing the Scottish border on the morning of Tuesday 22 March. I’ll try to keep up a regular log, whenever I have internet access. Probably not every day!

2 thoughts on “Back on the road

  1. KEITH GRAHAM March 16, 2016 / 8:31 am

    Rode out with Steven last Friday & fortified by a rather fine bacon sandwich in Clevedon.

    I can reassure everyone that those legs have overwintered well and are ready and raring to go!

    … a little disappointed to learn however that he will not be undertaking the Scottish leg wearing a McAllister tartan kilt – not even on day 29 when he reconnects with kin on tyres…!

    Great to be part of further adventures to come in Yorkshire.

    Love -Keith x


  2. Phil McAllister-Green March 22, 2016 / 7:36 am

    The upcoming West Coast of Scotland and Islands section is going to be exciting! All us McAllister brothers are acting as back up for Steven in my treasured camper-van, what with the sparse population and other logistical difficulties it was felt to be a good idea. But really I just fancied a Scottish adventure, can’t wait till it’s my turn. Look after the the camper Neil!


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