Carlisle to Glencaple

Day 23 Monday, 21 March: I’m on the road again! Train from Bristol early this morning, back to Carlisle before midday. Cycled across the border and had my lunch near Gretna Green in a WW2 Nissen hut outside the Devil’s Porridge Museum. As you do. The first 40 Scottish miles to The Nith at Glencaple were straightforward enough. Heading west along the Dumfries & Galloway coast, flat(ish), moderate headwind, great views of the Solway Firth, this time from a Scot’s perspective, with the English mountains of the Lake District providing the backdrop. All going very well, but having thought I’d escaped the stress of decision making, I had to choose between Solway Salmon fillet with prawns or Highland Chicken stuffed with Haggis, wrapped in bacon in a creamy whiskey sauce. Stress!

One thought on “Carlisle to Glencaple

  1. KEITH GRAHAM March 22, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    ‘I’m going to leave the city
    Got to get away…
    I’m on the road again again…!’

    Great that you are back in the saddle Steven

    Highland chicken stuffed with haggis rather puts our recent bacon sandwich in the shade, but in burning 700+ calories/hour on the bike you could probably have eaten the Solway salmon fillet as well!

    My charts also tell me that recent computer data entry – probably too much of that of late burnt only 106 cals/hour but let’s hope it doesn’t come to ‘shovelling snow @ 422/hour…!!

    Wishing you fair winds, good legs & great adventures to come.

    love – Keith xx


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