Belmullet to Enniscrone

Day 127, Sunday 7 May

The last thing I expected to see from my bedroom window here in Enniscrone, County Sligo, miles from the nearest airfield, was a Boeing 767. 20170507_163844Have a look at  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Watch the videos on the Our Story page. This place, Eagle Heights B&B, was a lucky find.

Earlier, the ride from Belmullet via the North Mayo coast road was one of the quietest journeys to-date. The fingers on one hand would almost suffice if keeping count of cars passed between Belmullet and Ballycastle. Some scary cliffs around the top of County Mayo today. 20170507_121836No Lifeboat visit until Sligo tomorrow, where brothers Neil & Phil are flying in to say hello, cheer me on my way and drink Guinness. As you do. Who’d have thought, 60 years ago, when we three boys were three wee boys, that we’d still be sharing such Boys Own adventures. There is of course, another dear brother. But John agreed that we four boys … didn’t scan as well as it does with three. So, being a stickler for creative writing as a teacher, he agreed to stay at home and look after my allotment. Besides, it’s only a wee two-seater plane. Am I making all this nonsense up? We’ll find out tomorrow.20170507_210953

Yes, another lovely Irish sunset tonight. Towards County Mayo from Enniscrone beach, County Sligo.



One thought on “Belmullet to Enniscrone

  1. KEITH GRAHAM May 8, 2017 / 6:53 am

    Hi Steven
    I was not disappointed by the link to the quirky glamping village – tears were rolling down my cheeks with laughing at his interviews

    ‘Plane sailing’ for David …. and for you hopefully!

    love -Keith x


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